My iPhone 7 Plus Creaks

Recently I began noticing that my iPhone 7 Plus would creak every so often. I thought I would share it with you and see if you are having the issue too.

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33 thoughts on “My iPhone 7 Plus Creaks

  1. you should definitely go to get a replacement, i got 3 replacements already for that issue so its something that has to do with the seals. and it would compromise de water resistant, even though i will never get it wet, it shouldn't be doing that. i think apple should remove the "IP67" certification.

  2. Oh wow I've got the same problem. I noticed it a couple weeks ago after one of my friends asked me why my iPhone felt like it's about to fall apart. 7+ Black 32 GB here.

    Not even going to start with the static noise coming from the back of the iPhone.

  3. Dude, then quit FUCKING twisting it! lol It's probably just tension stress. My iPhone 7 Plus doesn't do it, but my old Note 4 does. Most things will probably make some kind of noise if you pick them up and twist them. It's nothing.

  4. I'm having exactly the same issue as described on both devices iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black. I've changed my device once and I'm still facing the same issue.
    Thank you so much for this video. It helped me a lot.

  5. Hey. Iam from Romania. I have an ip7 plus from 27 octomber and does too. My wife ip 7 (not plus) does not. At the begining does not…..but after several up and down from my car seat it does.

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