My Top 5 Productivity Tools That Can Make You Better, Faster & Stronger – SPI TV Ep. 3

I use a lot of productivity tools to help me push forward in my business. In fact, I use dozens, but here are my top 5 tools that will help you get the most out of the time you put into your work.

Tools and Resources Mentioned…

Distraction Free Writing:

Writing is a very immersive and intensive activity, and the worst thing you can do is give yourself a chance to be distracted while writing your next book, blog post or article. Here are the tools I recommend to conquer that: (Mac) (Mac and PC)

I also give some tips for crafting a blog post that reference episode 1 of SPI TV, which can be found here:

Calendar Management:

Have you ever tried to schedule something, like a podcast interview or even a simple 30 minute meeting, and the back and forth emails to find a date and time that aligns with both parties seem to never end?

This is very common, and it’s a time-suck! Here’s the…


35 thoughts on “My Top 5 Productivity Tools That Can Make You Better, Faster & Stronger – SPI TV Ep. 3

  1. Holla! Nice video you have there! On a similar note; have you used the services from " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (search on google)? My boss had some dealings with them and was impressed by their incredible knowledge on email tools!

  2. Thanks for showing your workflow for Trello. I had used it in the past but didn't seem to get much benefit out of it. Seeing how you use it for your workflow made tons of sense and I will now dive back into it. Thanks!!

  3. in Self control App, can you stop that time?, for example, you set the time for 45 minutes but you finished what you had to do in 30 minutes, is there any way to stop the clock so you can enter facebook?

    Good video btw!

  4. Hey Pat! As an alternative to Self Control, you could also try Rescuetime which works exactly like Self Control, but it also provides you with reports on how you spend your time and suggests to you when your most productive times of the day are. I thought it was pretty helpful for myself.

  5. Thank you PAT !  Byword, Calendly, Trello, Dropbox, + Self Control  implementing immediately into my biz — I am so happy and grateful to have found you thru Hal Elrod's recent podcast ! You are an inspiration…… I have subscribed and will visit everyday –

  6. Pat Flynn! Honestly, your awesome. I came across your videos a LONG TIME AGO! maybe 5 years ago. And now I'm at a point in my life where it's time to get my voice and value online. I love YOUR BLOG FLOW STRATEGY!  I wanted to ask you for help,  correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming,  

    Do you use the same Exact strategy for Shooting a Video?

    Like for this video here of yours, did you start with the Transformation, Support Points etc, ?  Thank you for your reply in advance & Thank you so much for serving the community!:)

  7. Hey Pat what camera do you use for recording your videos? and also what microphone do you use? I know for podcasting you use a Heli PR40. Are you using the same microphone, over your head, for recording your videos or you're using different mics?

  8. Hey Pat. Thanks for the tips. Do you use anything in particular for CRM? I'm kind of looking for something to manage contact relations / a place to upload files related to that contact.

    I'm looking at ways to split up personal email vs work email that may or may not redirect to the same email address. Just wondering if you had any good suggestions for that. Looked at insightly and a few others but not exactly what I was looking for

  9. Great tips Pat – thank you.- I have been using Evernote for 2 years, but am definitely going to check out Trello going forward. It reminds me of the old-style index cards in a sleeve in the big, bulky planners we used to carry around back in the day. And Thomas Franks' mention of Greenshot looks interesting too. 

  10. Another great episode. I'm really loving SPI TV. From this episode, I'm gonna try out Self Control, Trello, and the writing tip. I don't currently use any apps/tools for productivity, but really need to. Self Control will be really good for me.

  11. Man, you did it again Pat! 🙂 Another GREAT episode of SPI TV! I am really enjoying your video series, because it really takes us behind the scenes of SPI and helps us getting better at what we do.

    Great tools you suggested – I knew about pretty much all of them, except for SelfControl! I wanted to make a quick comment about Calendly. I remember you mentioned it in your blog post at the beginning of the year. I hadn't started using it until like a couple of weeks ago…and my world has completely changed!

    I host an-interview based podcast and I am about to launch a 2nd one, so using Calendly has really made scheduling interviews sooooo much easier! I'd really recommend it to all the podcasters out there, I'm sure you're going to love it!

    Speaking of productivity I wanted to share a tool, which I have been using recently, that have really helped me save time: SocialOomph – ( this is my affiliate link.

    SocialOomph is perfect, especially if you have old content (blog posts, podcast episodes) that you want to share over and over on social media – let's say Twitter. Basically, you craft a series of tweets with the copy and links and create a loop – or a series of loops. You can choose to promote specific posts on specific days and you can even decides intervals in which you want your content to be promoted (for example a tweet every 10 minutes). 

    If you start using SocialOomph I recommend creating a series of loops and, every now and then (like every 2 weeks or once a month), change the copy of the tweets, so that you don't sound like a robot. This really helps you make sure that your content gets promoted – so that when you're actually on Twitter you can focus on promoting other people's content (since you have already scheduled loops that promote yours).

    This is my tip, I hope it helps the SPI community. Have a great weekend everyone! – Yann

  12. Thanks so much, Pat. This is really good stuff. I had been told of Trello but I didn't realize how versatile it is. So Trello and  Calendly will be my next best cool apps, thanks to you.

  13. Pat, you are my Hero! I discovered your podcasts by chance last year whilst walking to my kick boxing lessons. 45 mins of AskPat? I really learned a lot and now that you are on YouTube, it continues and I can spread the word. Pat, I appreciate you. How can I support you?

  14. Thanks a lot for these recommendations Pat! Just bought OMM Writer and I love it! Everything about it seems so cool. Definitely going to help out in my upcoming writing processes. Thanks!

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