New Budget iPhone 6/5S with Multi-Color Shell Leaked! (BGR)

BGR has reported today that a new iPhone has been leaked with a green, yellow, and red shell, along with other colors! This shell is said to be made of plastic, suggesting this is a new budget iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S! This is very interesting, as Apple has never released an iPhone like this! I think these rumors are true, and I will update you as more info is released! Enjoy! Be sure to rate thumbs up, favorite, and subscribe for more! Thanks!

BGR Article:
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17 thoughts on “New Budget iPhone 6/5S with Multi-Color Shell Leaked! (BGR)

  1. Wait wait. So if they're making colored iPhones, you would think they wouldn't add cases to the iPhone, right? WTF HAPPENS WHEN YOU DROP YOUR PPPLLLAAAASSSTTTIIICCC iPhone???? It's gonna snap like a twig…

  2. you all can laugh at apple's products but in reality, we all know how good they are. forget about SGS4 and HTC one because iPhone 5s still wasnt released yet. the iPhone 5 that has only 2 cores clocked at 1.2 GHz is faster than SGS3 which has 4 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz. Even the iPhone 4 having 1 core clocked at 800 GHz runs weather animations just like HTC without any legs. iOS is truly the most advanced mobile platform.

  3. He said they would be releasing it ALONGSIDE the new iphone. That means that this one is for ppl with no money. They will still releasing the new one with an alumininum or other back. I hope.

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