New Mega Charizard Y Deck, 300 DMG 1 Hit KO, Shrine of Memories Build

This is the Pokemon you do not want to meet. 300 DMG attack, it will delete everything and anything 1 by 1 if it fully charges up and always threat to your Pokemon. #darkintegralgaming

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Deck Overview
Mega Venusaur 7:01
Mega Gardevoir 12:49
Mewtwo 22:52
Conclusion 29:02

Monthly Intro: ”Seed and the Sower”
Flavor: 1 Hit Mega Charizard
M Charizard, 300 Overkill, 50 Recoil
Shrine / Nurse Joy, Reduce DMG
Entei, Back Up Attacker
Energy Bonus: Mega Turbo, DCE


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24 thoughts on “New Mega Charizard Y Deck, 300 DMG 1 Hit KO, Shrine of Memories Build

  1. hey darkintegral is there a pokemon besides elektrik that has an ability to move electric energies from the deck or discard pile to a pokemon? can you give me a list of cards that you know that do? fire energies will work to. Love your videos!

  2. forgive me asking what's maybe a silly question, but I can't find the awnser anywere. I recently started playing the online tcg and somethings come up several times that I cannot figure out. I'll have a pokemon with a pokemon tool such as fighting fury belt on, but it's attacks won't deal the extra damage, and despite having the increased health, I get ko'd at my pokemon normal hp max. I checked everything in play and nothing says to negate the tools effects that I can find…. I've lost so many times from this making me think I should survive when I dont, or kill something but not cause the 10 moredamage I'm supposed to have not working… please help anyone. thanks your

  3. Don't be too critical of players choices. Too many energies, not enough draw supporters etc. Some just maybe starting out and don't have much of an online collection yet. Just using what they have so far.I'm newer to trying Pokémon online myself and just starting to scan codes and open packs. Don't have a lot of the staples yet. Just got to play what I have until I can trade and open more.

  4. I love Charizard, this deck is really good, although I see it fragile on the defensive side but it's all about the power 😀 I have my own unique zard build that I balanced and beat Poketubers with, so Donald you are next xD!!! love your vids man!

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