New to iOS 8 FULL CLASS and Tutorial

In this tutorial of iOS8, David shows you all the changes you can expect in the latest update to the iPhone. iOS 8 will work with the iPhone 4S and newer and the iPad 2 or newer. Make sure you back up all of your data on your iPhone or iPad before upgrading to iOS 8.

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26 thoughts on “New to iOS 8 FULL CLASS and Tutorial

  1. One thing that is driving me crazy is that I can't 🙁 get the microphone to show up on the right side when I want to speak into the mic and put an audio file in the "send" area of messages.  How come David, you can get the microphone to show up clickable? (not greyed out)  When I click "new message" before I enter an phone number the "mic" is greyed out. But the moment I put in a phone number, the dang phone icon disappears.  Highly annoying, I know I am doing something wrong but I don't know what. 

  2. Cool vid! My fave hidden feature is telling Siri to turn on/ off assistive touch; assistive touch is extremely COOL when you know how to use it> Program-in your star-favorite swipe/ scroll gestures and speeds, double-tap the virtual home button to multi-task, or navigate to the 'screenshot' option, via 'device.' You can also tell Siri to turn-on grayscale, or tell Siri to darken, or brighten the screen.
    I also, found that drag-spreading the zoom window across the width of the screen is great for reading email while walking through a crowd; you have to keep scrolling your thumb back-and-forth.

  3. hi david…thnx for the great tutorial videos…u r a genuine teacher…i was wondering if its a good idea to restore data on to iphone 6 from iphone 4s?would that effect my phone..cuz i tried and it downgraded ios to the old one and have to update to ios 8.0.2 again….

  4. please help!!! I backed up my phone with iTunes and it says I need a password to restore my backup to my phone. I've NEVER set a password for this before and I've had to backup my previous phone. I need to at least get my pictures off that backup on my laptop. can you please help me or refer me to a website or shop..and also can iOS 8 have all caps because it doesn't on my phone. doesn't really matter I'm just curious. thanks 

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