Nuvole Bianche – Ludovico Einaudi [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)

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Enjoy this emotional piece by Ludovico Einaudi!

Composer(s): Ludovico Einaudi

Original Music: Decca Records © (2004)


34 thoughts on “Nuvole Bianche – Ludovico Einaudi [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)

  1. So I know this is going to come off as cocky but its amazing when you put it in this type of visual format, when compared to a sheet of music (which looks like scribble on paper), it doesn't look that hard to do. It actually reminds me of old school NES & SNES games where once you figured out the "pattern" or "routine" of the "boss" the game was VERY easy to beat. I wonder how many MORE great pianist we will have if we can use technology to teach the younger generation? I also think this some is a master piece and I always listen to it when I really need to make a tough life decision. It kind of helps me "zone out" and the answer just sorta comes to me. Its like when I am listening to this song all the other bullshit just disappears. Crazy how something like this can do that.

  2. i use these videos to learn songs, because i am self-taught on piano. any suggestions on how to play a sustained note and moving notes with the same hand? (like around 1:05 for the right hand) ? i can't seem to get the rhythms right when i try this. Love the videos!!

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