Official iPhone 6 plus cases by Apple – Review

In this video I give my review and up close look at the official Apple iPhone 6 plus cases in both Leather and Silicone.

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30 thoughts on “Official iPhone 6 plus cases by Apple – Review

  1. I'm starting reviews and I wanted to know if it was ok to use your channel name on my new reviews. I love your reviews they are straight to the point and honest 

  2. You do a really nice job on your reviews.  I love how you are so thorough and show the phones/cases from all sides.  Really valuable reviews.  I also really like your taste in aesthetics.

  3. I receive my 6plus on the 10/16/2014 and went into the Apple Store and tried both silicon and leather case. And end up leaving with the leather case, it felt more premium to me. And I like the way the black look on my 64Gb space grey. 

  4. Nice to see you finally got your 6 Plus in. I tried out the Silicone in black for about a week and really liked the fit and feel of it. In the end though, I ended up returning it because the silicone grippy surface makes it a lint, dirt and dust magnet. I constantly had to wipe the phone down which got annoying after a while. I'm sure the brighter colors might hide the lint better but I decided it wasn't worth the high price point. Right now I'm trying out a Spigen case which is very nice and much thinner, but a bit slippery. 

  5. Have this on my iPhone 6 in white and love it. Surprisingly since sept 19 when I got it the color has not shown dirt too much. I wipe it with alcohol pad once in a while (work in hospital) and it's still clean and easy to take off when people want to see the phone. Want the blue now too.

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