20 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish How To Delete POF Account

  1. just got snookered by pof , thought i was buying one month, but then realized its 8 months base setup, obviously no refund if i cancel my membership , but where is the turn off auto renewal ?????? im assuming its a whole charge taken out rather than 1 month at a time ??????

  2. This is the most useful aspect of POF. That is the worst dating website ever. The girls you meet are the bottom of the barrel. They are mostly mentally ill. What do you expect from a partially free dating website?

    Use match.com instead. The girls are real and pretty. POF has a lot of phony accounts in order to boost their numbers. So a girl you think is real, in many cases is just a shill created by POF.

  3. The staff/moderators at POF JUST DELETED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON!!!! I have had the account for about 2 years, put all the time and effort into completing the chemistry test and putting together a nice profile. I have never violated any of there rules or policies, and I just gave them a POSITIVE review on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE. WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS!!!! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING POF AND MARKUS FRIND!!!! 

  4. just type in a load of filth and swearwords and it will be deleted for sure
    refer to women kissing your private parts and it will get deleted for sure
    or kissing your ass that works

  5. Really! That surprises me Steven. I joined a paid dating site once under a free trial and when I came to cancel it after 30 days the options were something like
    1. Cancel and Keep Profile on the site or 2. Continue with membership ?!?!

    I must have a profile still on that site with no way to get it off.

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