Power Rangers (2017) Official Teaser Trailer Reaction

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30 thoughts on “Power Rangers (2017) Official Teaser Trailer Reaction

  1. there's a theory that Rita Repulsa in this Power Rangers movie could be a green ranger from the past who turned evil. She became the green ranger, went rogue and killed all of her comrades, probably recruited some of the monsters they fought back then as her henchmen, holy shit! that would be sooo huge! but of course it wouldn't follow the originals since Tommy was the original Green Ranger. Green Ranger and Lord Zed didn't appear in the original Power Rangers series until like another season or at least at the end of season 1. So, yeah, if this movie goes well in the box office, the ratings and the expectations lived up to the fans, there should be a sequel.

  2. I give this film a 7/10…maybe a 6/10…from the trailer that is…I might change my mind after seeing the actual film. it looks like they have done fairly well…it has humour, emotion, some action…it has certainly made changes to the original but with time always comes changes…anyone with half a brain knows and accepts this. the key is to make sure the changes are still loyal to the series and universe.

  3. It is great teaser trailer. The only flaw is that Naomi Scott cut her hair. If you watch Disney era seasons of power rangers that rangers in their human form have powers to like ninja storm, Dino thunder, spd, and operation overdrive. I hope we have same cast for five movies.

  4. They probably won't show too much of the rangers morphed or in the zords as being an origin story I would think most of that action will take place in the 3rd act maybe late in the second if lucky.

  5. quien recuerda lo que voy a decir ahora alfa rita escapo necesitamos un grupo de adolecentes para detenerlos y después la música original lo que no me gusto por ahora es no escuchar la voz de zordon, o lord z pero estuvo bueno el primer tráiler pero hay que esperar para ver

  6. When I heard that Goldar was going to be in this movie the first thing that I thought was "Well that figures, I mean what would the Wicked Witch be without her flying monkey". Also if this movie does relatively well and they make a sequel with Tommy as the Green Ranger I also wouldn't be surprised especially with all the green that they put on Rita, Tommy becoming her Evil Green Ranger before turning good is to be expected.

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