28 thoughts on “Privacy error “Your connection is not private” Google chrome

  1. if this change date method doesn't work.. you can check the antivirus setting.. i'm using kaspersky so go to setting>additional>network>monitor selected port only .. select>uncheck the monitor all network ports.. for other antivirus apps maybe the same method but the main point is check the setting and click on network ..

  2. I would just like to inform everybody that mine is permanently fixed now — I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and I uninstalled it while keeping my license installed, restarted my PC and re-installed it and it fixed the problem.Do it, it will work. It's a communication problem between your Google Chrome and your Internet Security or you can keep typing "Danger" to by-pass the error.

  3. I had the same problem for me on my windows Vista  I have to reset the date and time when computers is disconnected for any reason. So reseting my computer solved my problem , i was getting the same message ( connection is not private)

  4. Here is how to bypass this…..When you are at the "privacy error" page, type danger anywhere on the page…..(you will not see it spelled out}  that should get you to the web site
    In some cases it's proceed

  5. go to support.microsoft.com/kb/931125
    and download the upgrade for a root certificate. Your root certificate is probably expired as mine was.  The download is small and installs in a second. reboot and you should be fine.

    I am not sure why some of these posters write bad advice on here. I had the same problem on a machine running xp.  The root certificate was old and the newer browsers are choking on that if you have enabled 'block phising and malware' on Chrome and other browsers.

    Please report the video links with garbage info as they are just doing it to get paid by Google. Shame on Youtube for not self-policing!

  6. My date was correct, yet I got the samer error this morning. However, when I turned automatic date and time, also automatic time zone on, the problem was gone. It was supposed to be on anyway, must have been accidentally turned off (in my pocket) recently.

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