Protoje – Who Knows ft. Chronixx (Official Music Video)

“Who Knows” is the first official single from Protoje’s third studio album, Pre-Order the album “Ancient Future,” now on iTunes and get “Who Knows” instantly:

Overstand Entertainment/In.Digg.Nation Collective
Directed by Storm (@StormSaulter)

Protoje (@protoje)
Chronixx (@IAmChronixx)
Song produced by: Winta James (@overstand_JA)

Protoje online:

Sharing insight into their early conversations, which began as far back as 2010, Protoje recalled, “Chronixx and myself, from the first day we met, have talked about doing music together when the time was right. The stars have now aligned.”

The song is an anthem for the free spirited, unrestricted by the opinions of others and the perception of inadequacy. The video shows the day starting off with all going…


26 thoughts on “Protoje – Who Knows ft. Chronixx (Official Music Video)

  1. "life is a dream if you got gratitude so go tell the regime they can't stop what we do, now.
    information you think on your own, or else your a slave to the things that you know.
    what do you know if you learn everyday so be careful a things what you say"

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