49 thoughts on “‘Puss in Boots’ Trailer 2 HD

  1. It's because they needed someone to be ridiculous and vulnerable but very intelligent in the movie to portray the isolated outcast friend of the Puss, while Puss was like a rockstar at the beginning. While Puss was hitting on all the hot cats and people saw him as a hero, the egg guy was planning about his crazy ideas and goals and served some time, and had no other friends than him.

  2. @TelevisionNostalgia yeah, i saw it yesterday 😀 that scene, along with the O.O ohhhhhhh cat, made people start laughing ;D !!! it's a very nice story, even though there are some "dirty" jokes, small kids won't even understand and others that will make them laugh really hard ((: ….just the kids though !! ^^ ….you'll especially love it if you're a cat person, no need to say he does the eye-thing again and agaiin, which gets even more adorable when he does it as a young kitten 😀 … cheers!!

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