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47 thoughts on “RAYMAN LEAK DEBUNKED!

  1. I really want rayman In.. But there could still be hope I mean there is so much speculation going around still i'm not going to give up hope this easily on him being in the game. I am not only saying this because I want him in the game badly(because he is my favorite character ever). But also in the point of view that people like to put fake stuff out there WANTING to cause conflict and drama. Stuff like this happened before… and people made leaked videos and videos about the leaks being fake, and in the end the leak was true. I am not giving up hope, not until the game is out…..

  2. im not really a big fan of rayman but it would have benn cool to have him in the game. then again if we think about it the in game animation would look awful. anyways this guy did very impressive work and really needs to be hired by Nintendo or something cuz this was very convincing 

  3. He really did an impressive job doing this leak and fool everyone around the world including myself. I'm not mad, I'm impressed by what he did and because of this, I recently subscribed to his channel and looking forward to his work. Would love to see him smashified Shrek! :D

  4. I'm dissapointed that this turned out to be fake. Props to the guy for making such a convincing fake, but I find it upsetting that he went through all that effort just to troll us.

  5. I swear ppl can spend better use of there time than trolling online. Like those skills could be used in more of a productive manner not trolling ppl. Goes to show that some ppl have no lives. 

  6. I'm not mad i'm more just annoyed… like why the f*ck would you fake this and get everybody's hopes up? just to see everyone's sad reactions? 🙁

     dam bro, one of my boys even had Rayman on his most wanted newcomers list ever since XY came out, needless to say he's not taking this news very well lol

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