These meditations has been listened to in all 196 Countries! Thank you everyone and keep posting your amazing experiences that you are all having with these audios! I appreciate all of you!

This powerfully effective guided meditation will bring you DEEP into your own subconscious mind. Where you will awaken inner intuition, eliminate negative emotional blocks, rejuvenate your body and soul. Gain infinite wisdom and knowledge for all of your life questions. Uses Emotion, intention, Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta Brainwave Frequency’s as well as 741hz Solfeggio Tones (awaken intuition). LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES ON – OR YOU WILL NOT GET THE DESIRED RESULTS! Also this audio will make you very relaxed – DO NOT listen while driving. This audio works automatically, subconsciously. POWERFULLY AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

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  1. Hello !
    I want to be rich and have a lot of money. I have subscribed to your Youtube page, I see a lot of video. What should I watch your video to fit my wish.
    thank you. I am very grateful to you. I love you …

  2. this def touched the surface but my issues are sooooo deep seeded i guess seeking larger help is mandatory but it helped me relax enough to realize much more then i ever imagined in a very long tine if ever

  3. Paul is it ok if I went to sleep doing the guided instructions, I really tried to listen and stay up but it was so hard for me to do.So I sleep through and woke up a little to the ending…

  4. Sorry, I do not know English, so I do not understand what's in this video say anything, but I can hear this sound to clean the negative root in my subconscious there is not?
    I'd love to be rich to help myself and help other poor people.
    Sorry I used google translate to send this message to you. Thank you very much, I look forward to helping you answer, I am very grateful to you.

  5. My appreciation to your video. However, you went a bit too much by mentioning ' before and after death' which I do not care for,…   the present life is enough, and that is what counts.. I think you need to stay in the present, for that is what counts. About the guide? too much words. no need for  they names, and so on… thank you. I you did not implant any subliminal words  … which would be an ethical…. thanks again.

  6. sometimes people make no sense they are negative. and juuuuuustbget their rocks off making themselves feel tough. I'm sorry for you. Honey. it really got under your skin I wrote nicely to this gentleman I shall pray for you to heal

  7. slept so much better once i found paul on youtube, yes he is refuring to spirit guides when he says do you have a name, we all have a guide or guides but it is uncommon for us to relies it and know them by name

  8. please excuse spelling I'm legally blind but I am sure you get the idea of my letter you are a highly intelligent man who gas a powerful following never let the negative ones rent space between your ears.

  9. pretty good young man. ive6 listened to fluff and puff but your rendition is dead straight on. we humans seem to hold onto the negative. 100 ppl can say this is great fantastic wonderful yet one person comes along says this is dumb and by nature we embrace that and all of a sudden the 100 does not matter but that single one resonates deep in our hearts. dilly but it's one of our human foibles. my son's when they were small preteens and as teens I made them stand in front of a full length mirror. tell that not in the mirror what you hate about him. they would make angry faces at themselves pointing spewing out everything. and anything. when they finally finished. I then said now tell him what you like about that not they all stepped back a few feet laughed and could hardly find anything nice hair dude. then I would tell them everyone goes through this it's trying to find out who we are we are all confused and frustrated but we all get through this stage. it's not what others think of us it's what we think of ourselves. they all grew up being confident men who like themselves normal ups and downs they are we 36 and ei. what you wrote here young man is something you can help others with. you did a good thing here keep it up and may the positive powers that be keep you in their favors. God bless

  10. Paul you're awesome. I've been listening to your meditations for a little over a month everyday and my life is changing by leaps and bounds. I get everyone has their own opinions but in regards to the mean spirited comments. I'd say be positive or be quiet. Look within and try and understand why or what is in your life that is making you say such things about someone who is trying to make us all better our lives. 

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