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  1. Restoring stopped at 85% ..what should i do ? i tried for more than three times..Blinking light of external hard disk also stopped at this %..plzz give me the solution..

  2. Hi. my macbook pro suddenly restarted and could not boot up again. It kept showing gry folder with a question mark. I boot it up to safe mode (Command + R0 and I tied the time machine restore on my macbook pro. But my system could not see the destination drive each time I get to where to chose the destination drive. But I can actually see it through the disk utility option and I was able to verify its condition (although the repair botton could not highlight). Kindly assist me out of this problem.

  3. I have a question I recently did a Time Machine backup on my Mac book Pro of Mavericks I would like to go back to Mavericks on my iMac it has snow leopard at the moment will the Time Machine backup on my Mac Pro work on my iMac if I choose to restore from my Time Machine backup from my Mac book Pro?

  4. My DJ controller doesn't recognize my DJ software because El Capitan and Serato DJ are not compatible yet. So, I backed up my files on an external hard drive and downgraded from El Capitan to the only backup I had, OS X 10.6, which was 3 years old (I erroneously stopped backing up files on Time Machine when I learned of iCloud which I thought would back up all my files). This didn't work because Serato needs at least OS X 10.7 to work. So I was able to find Yosemite under iTunes purchases and download it but now I can't find my most recent playlists. I've been slowly restoring files manually via Time Machine but I still can't find my recent iTunes playlist. Is there something I'm doing wrong??

  5. Hi mate! I have a problem with the external hard drive. None of the computers recognizes it anymore. I was using it on a Mac book pro last time and since, it doesen't work. One friend told me that it happend because of time machine. I dont know what have i done. I saw your video and i just wanted to ask for a help. I am affraid that i might lose files from EHD. What do you suggest i should do to recover EHD and make it never happen again if it has to anything with the time machine on my wife's mac book pro? Thanks and all the best!

  6. hello, I'd like to ask sth: my macbook pro has got an ssd and a hdd (both internal). If I make the above procedure and reinstall my last time machine backup, will I have the choice to choose the configuration I had (e.g. apps on my ssd and the rest on the hdd) or will it do by itself? And if it is gonna do it by itself, which hard drive should I choose? Thank you

  7. very good video thank you …I have a question example if you have installed a mavericks or yosemite on your mac but it BROKES and is not working any more but you have your Time Machine backup on external drive when you go to command +R and you choose backup from time machine automatic erase your local drive I mean inside your mac or you need to erase from disk utilities????? let me know and thanks again…..

  8. I installed a new hard drive on a mid 2009 Mac Book pro and restored from a time machine back up on an external hard drive.  Now, many of my apps are not working.  After I install the original install disc, do i need to install the application disc also – before restoring from back up?  Not sure what to do now.  Any help is appreciated.

  9. It's my first time using time machine so I have my backup, I'm in my Macbook pro's desktop but when I remove my external hard drive, my screen turns grey and freezes… I know I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what…

  10. I had my hard drive replaced. So when I try to restore from time machine back up it won't let me because when I go to the window that says select destination my hard drive doesn't even show up. I don't know what to do

  11. I recently had my hard drive replaced as it was failing.  I've been unable to restore from Time Machine.  When I try Command R,  the OSX utilities screen does not appear. (The computer is a 2009 Mac Pro – my operating system is 10.6.3)  When I try starting holding down the option key, the external hard drive with Time Machine does not appear as an option, only the Mac HD.  Any thoughts?  This computer is so heavy, I hate to have to lug it back to the Apple store.

  12. so as you may know this runs out of space it starts deletng old back ups

    so my shit just ran all day and deleted all backups….

    i feel like kicking the pope in his face right now…..i will win regardles.
    thats always been my mothafucking attitude…..

    but tell me that aint some dumb shit
    a program that keeps updating and deleting its own updates when space is low

  13. Kind of. I have the same window as you do. (OS X utilities) when I click reinstall OS X I get through the agreement steps then it asks me to put the installation onto the hard drive, from there I get a message saying that my hardrive is locked when I select it. 

  14. So the one that says "Macintosh HD"? When I hit repair on that one I got three errors. They say "invalid record count", "the volume could not be verified completely", and "Error: Disk utility can't repair this disk…. Disk, and restore your backed-up files." Then I get a message that says "disk utility stopped repairing Macintosh hd" 

  15. Yeah last night I got that color circle thing indicating that it was thinking it was doing that for 5 min or so, so I got impatient and turned my MacBook Pro off using the power button. Once I turned it back on I got that screen that you got called OS X utilities. I knew that I never backed anything up using time machine so I went to reinstall OS X Mavericks. Once I hit agree to the terms the hardrive that is shown is all greyed out and when I hover over it to click it it says that the disk is locked. I'm wondering if I go to disk utilities and erase all data then will that unlock my disk? 

  16. That's alright if I loose all files I can deal with that. It won't be too difficult to get my old programs back. I just want it to start working again ASAP. Do you think if I erase the hard drive it will unlock it? And from there I can re install OS X Mavericks? 

  17. I have like 60-70 gb free. I click on verify and repair disk and they both come up with error messages. Should I completely erase my hardrive and try reinstalling is x mavericks from there? 

  18. My Mac wasn't responding for a while (the spinning rainbow circle was going on for a long time) so I turned my Mac off by hitting "shut down" but after a while it was not responding too. So I got impatient and I turned it off by using the power button. Once I turned it back on I got that same message that you did. I tried going through all of the steps to reinstall OS X but once it says to choose a hardrive to download it on the hardrive icon is all greyed out and I can't select it. 

  19. I restored form my time machine and it actually changed the password, and I can no longer login. Logging in pressing cmd+s and typing "reset password" or "resetpasswd (username here) also does not work, any ideas?

  20. I viewed your utube video that tells you how to restore from time machine on a mack. I am having trouble. My mac is a desktop purchased snow leopard in 1-2010. It has Macintosh HD 958.86 GB available space and 998.84 GB space total. I have an external drive that I am trying to restore information from. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I ended up putting in my original disc  to resonate my applications. After I did the install my computer was virtually like new with a new operating system "Yosemite". I have no photos or documents left. 

    Eventually I figured out how to open the utilities and opened disc utility and even found "Restore" (although I am not sure I could again). I went into my external drive) and it showed that I have 1.37 TB free and 2TB of maximum capacity. 

    The utility wanted me to drag a selection from the left side bar in order to locate my passport backup to the location I selected. The problem is, it said it would remove the one I selected (Macintosh HD) and use passport instead. Of course I was concerned about doing this because I don't want to play games with whatever information might still be on my mac. 


  21. i tried to restore it but now my hd it does not appears on the list,and  does not let me reinsntall it from cd from apple ,help please,this happened after i install the new os yosemite

  22. Does Time Machine also restore the OS to a newly formatted internal drive ?
    I have a MacBook Pro with hard drive failure, have purchased a new drive and have a recent TM backup with Mavericks.

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