Restore my Soul [Lyric Video] – Vertical Church Band



4 thoughts on “Restore my Soul [Lyric Video] – Vertical Church Band

  1. Restore, Revive, Renew our heart, mind, and Spirit Christ Jesus. Our Salvation is Grace, Faith, Christ Jesus only, yet daily repentance is part of our process of sanctification in becoming sons of GOD…. Change us Christ Jesus through the Work and Victory You achieved on the Cross. Through our repentance at Your Cross, You permanently change our heart and mind as our sin and iniquity is left behind…We come to Your Cross Christ Jesus in complete surrender; we empty ourselves so You can fill us and Bless us…At Your Cross we take captive every thought to make it obedient to You as we separate ourselves and come out of the world…Teach us Christ Jesus at the foot of Your Cross…
    {ROM8; GAL3:26; 1JOHN3:2}

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