Restore your iPad using TinyUmbrella and SHSH Blobs

TU, as it will be know from here on in, is an application developed by semaphore (@notcom) to assist with both saving your SHSH Blobs locally on your PC and subsequently serving them up to iTunes rather than have them served up from Apple. The advantage to this is you can replay saved blobs and fool iTunes and your device into allowing you to restore a firmware which Apple is no longer signing.
Download here:


One thought on “Restore your iPad using TinyUmbrella and SHSH Blobs

  1. The issue me and most people on the internet are having. How do you add the ipad to that list with the files? I downloaded my files and in the log it shows DFU device detected but beyond that im lost. Some sites say click shift restore. There is a restore button on a windows keyboard now?

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