16 thoughts on “Reverse-Engineering — Crack / Patch Program | Bypass Security Checks (IDA Cracking Part 1)

  1. You able to show how to make hacks for The Forest? Or atleast just show us how to begin. I'd just like to know what I'd need for it. I'm new to actual game hacking. I've only done Minecraft Hacks and shit.

  2. My Path Program->Assemble… is grayed out. I searched Google and it said it's because MetaPC process type but in the video you're also using it and it isn't grayed out for you.

  3. Great tutorial on how to do a simple crack, I guess this would world for every program as long as you can find where to jump to, if you knew where to jump, should you just jump there on the first line of the assembly code or would that cause some problems?

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