Ronda Rousey Gets KO’d Ft. Furious Pete & David So

Ronda Rousey is paying for her arrogance after losing to Holly Holm.

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• Hosted by Julia Chow
• Commentary by: David So, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette, Tiffany Del Real, Furious Pete
• Edited by Ryan Hasegawa:…


45 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Gets KO’d Ft. Furious Pete & David So

  1. Whats sad is after the fight Ronda was suicidal and depressed i felt bad for her since she's an epic UFC Female Fighter
    Rousey is probably the Ali of Female UFC

  2. Girls Finally get some representation and guys have to tear it down. Stay in your lanes, that Holli girl wouldn't have gotten half the coverage of popularity she got if she wasn't fighting Ronda Rousey. #RondaRousey Fandom ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

  3. I agree when you are undefeated and you lose one game you don't feel as strong. I won all my tennis matches then I lost 1. After that one loss I felt like shit, I wanted to win all of them and I lost in the tie breaker because I haven't been that far in a tennis match. I was nervous and tired because I usually end my matches with a 6-0 or through 6-4 (2 sets or1). Once my opponent gets 4 games in, I force myself to concentrate and win. But I didn't, games went back and forth, tired as hell, never had a tie breaker, confused, then went to tie breaker, loss 5-7. I honesty felt like crying…

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