Samsung Galaxy S5 FIX Issues after Lollipop Software Update Freezing lagging running hot

How to FIX your Samsung Galaxy S5 if its freezing, lagging or not responding after the Lollipop update from KitKat.

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1 Update your Apps
2 Get rid of unused apps
3 Clear App Cache Data
4 Samsung Vitamins to clear RAM
5 Reboot into Safe Mode and see if issue persists
6 Wipe Cache Partition.
7 Take out SD Card in case that’s corrupted. If issue goes away then backup your card and format it.
8 Factory Data Reset. You will LOSE EVERYTHING so make sure your important data is BACKED UP FIRST!! Sorry for yelling.


31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 FIX Issues after Lollipop Software Update Freezing lagging running hot

  1. Did all of these, and it helped, for about a week. Now I have to clear the cache partition about every week, else it gets laggy again. Really considering switching to cyanogenmod at this point. :|

  2. I loved my Galaxy S5 the first year, until I got the stupid Lollipop update! Phone was extremely laggy with all my apps; it would take sometimes 1 minute to open an app after it's been clicked. Also I experienced lots of apps crashing, it was just a disaster. I tried everything out there to resolve it. Factory resets, clearing out memory and some other tricks I stumbled upon online. Most would not work at all and when they did work it was only for a brief time, like 10 minutes! Then every few months my carrier(T mobile) would come up with different updates to supposedly fix the "bugs, crashing, and battery life". Yeah right! With every update, the phone became even slower. At times I would get so mad I would wanted to just throw it and bang it on the floor with a hammer. I wanted a new phone but with my current financial situation it was impossible. After dealing with this for the past 6 months, the piece of shit finally accidentaly dropped from my pocket on carpet and the screen was scratched. Within hours the whole screen turned black. Finally!. This was a blessing in disguise and I advise people to NEVER EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE GALAXY S5!

  3. I had this issue constantly, the freezing issue would happen every 2 to 3 hours, my battery would drain for no reason. I rooted it and installed a custom rom havnt had any problems since

  4. really good tips, I already try everything even the factory reset but only works for 2 or 3 weeks and then is still running slow and freezing. I personally think that the update makes the phone slower to make us to buy the new phone

  5. Hi, do you have any advice on the problem i have, s5 on t mobile, I update the phone to lollipop and now even after its update it still show the update in my notifications bar like i never updated it at all and it gives me the option to update again or postpone. how do i get rid of this since the phone is already updated?

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