22 thoughts on “She’s Bummin It, My Work From Home Info, Getting My Entire Life Together & I Really Need Your Help!

  1. I have a IUD and I know exactly how you feel. i bled for a whole year non stop and my dr kept saying hold on. and I did and I hadn't had a cycle in two years.. before the iud I bled sooooooo bad.

  2. I used to work for the same company years ago on the xbox project, i was tech support. I wish i could work frok home again lol esp with the cooler weather coming, i dnt be wantn to go nooowhere

  3. I had the IUD so I understand your pain. My first two days was always horrible, extremely heavy, and the pain was excruciating. I am already extremely anemic and my anemia was ridiculous during that time of month (dizziness, fatigue,etc…) So I will ask God to make sure you get a reasonable appointment date.

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