Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz: Has been Said to help Mend DNA: Cell Regeneration, Skin Repair

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CLICK HERE for more information on Solfeggio 528 Hz and to purchase quality MP3 download: CD Available here from Ebay: This track is using frequencies that I am experimenting with. It has both binaural beats and isochronic tones within it. THIS IS NOT TO TAKE THE PLACE OF MEDICAL ADVICE – for enjoyment purposes only.





33 thoughts on “Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz: Has been Said to help Mend DNA: Cell Regeneration, Skin Repair

  1. let's just say you don't believe in DNA healing what about placebo effect you must know that's a fact so I'm sure this can benefit you positively If you believe it will and it supposed to resonate the frequency of the sun that can't he harmful?

  2. MANY THANKS , generosity of spirit, like yours Jason, shines like a brilliant diamond ; this healing frequency is healing my heart and giving me the courage to leave behind the ongoing manipulation and disrespect endured on social media ;especially that from other 'healers' who are 'ego' hamstrung and many seem to be spiritually bankrupt ; what a relief to avoid the backlash of the pain and suffering of the legislated fraud being perpetrated on us all ; as an intuitive healer,avoiding recent contact with social media,that is full of competition and negativity, has helped further healing happen ; focusing on this wonderful Solfeggio tone of creation ,528 Hz, the healing vibration of LOVE and miracles can help sensitize our own eternal beings back to our own connected TRUTH and our eternal spirit's higher self qualities like gratitude and all the aspects of the energy of LOVE , when that happens only the highest vibrations from others are acceptable as TRUTH and protecting one's own energy and integrity from further negatives,such as silently condoning criminals as leaders and poisoning our environment and murdering each other in fraud wars , becomes paramount ; energy can nether be created or destroyed , it seems that the more the evil deeds are discussed on social media ,the more evil deeds happen , perhaps 'shifting' to the higher road of our own true nature of LOVE in our eternal spirit,and living our own true nature of LOVE and miracles would inevitably generate more; after all this is a physical experience of our true nature of LOVE in eternal spirit, in an eternal reality of spirit ; This is YOUR eternal spirit's life and journey, having a physical experience in an eternal reality of spirit , now that I know and am conscious of just what this third dimension can be all about , on the down side ,coming back here again means enabling and participating in continuing abuses and suffering , living a fraud creates suffering ; 528 Hz is the key of LOVE and also the energy , frequency and vibration of our eternal spirit , nurturing our eternal selves means nurturing the LOVE that We are in our connected TRUTH; and that is what WE ARE HERE TO LEARN and what this physical experience is all about ; when You LOVE Yourself , YOU cannot harm anyone or anything in any way ; riding a merry go round of hurt on social media looks like it just makes more hurt ; only the healing energy of LOVE and miracles is REAL and that is our own TRUE Nature ; please everyone nurture Your WHOLE selves ; nurture the qualities of LOVE in your own lives , THEY ARE ; Courage , FREEDOM , peace,harmony and joy , grace and gratitude,creativity , compassion,understanding and forgiveness ; now i have the strength to take my energy , ALL of my energy and be FREE of the manipulation with other fraud frequencies that were harming me and creating a very negative self image one that was dismissed after being used ; that hurts ; this is one dimension that i will avoid should there be any further socalled 'lives' offered ; those who have created unfinished business with me , are on notice , the cords and connections with all of You are consciously severed , that way no one must return to this dimension

  3. Listened to this last night and had a terrible sleep. Still Woke up with clear skin. Very strange.Sounded lovely like floating on water, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the free gift. Xox

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