Sony A7R II Review – Why I think it is Worth the Upgrade a review by Serge Ramelli

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39 thoughts on “Sony A7R II Review – Why I think it is Worth the Upgrade a review by Serge Ramelli

  1. Hi Serge and all the others,

    Merci pour la vidéo pour les lessons gratuites sur votre site.

    Switching to English for the rest of the message…

    I have a Canon 5D Mark II with the following lenses: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM, EF17-40mm f/4L USM and EF85mm f/1.8 USM.
    I intend to change my camera and reading articles and watching videos on Canon cameras, I am tempted to go with the Sony A7r II instead of Canon 5D Mark III and IV or Canon 5DS / 5DSR.

    Do you think it could be a good choice?
    BTW I shoot a lot of landscape and night, I do also love street photography (people, buildings, …). I also do (less than than the previous ones) concert and action photography.

    Anyway , thanks in advance for you answer!

  2. Great review Serge. For photography and videography, should i get a sony a7r and a lumix gh4 or just the sony a7rii? Please help me decide which is best. I'm starting my own business soon.

  3. Love your videos, Serge. One question: what can A7RII's in-body stabilisation do that, say, a Nikon with VR lens cannot? I'm about to upgrade to a full-frame system, and would really appreciate your input.

  4. bought a sony a6000 for my wife and find i am using the camera more than my canon mark 3s because I love the camera and see little difference in quality..but remember with an adaptor you can use your canon and nikon lenses, any lenses on the camera…fotga makes a great cheap adaptor. unless you shoot sports the slower focus or manual focus will be fine for most people. ok, so its not built as well as a mark three but you can buy two of them for the cost of a mark three.

  5. My reasons to never buy Sony again!

    1. Lack of professional support
    2. Sony gives you all bling but no zing (evf sensor made me want to hulk smash)
    3. Dust magnet sensor

    I wanted to love my Sony but shooting with it was infuriating! Wait for generation 3 or 4!

  6. Yo Serge, can you make a video where you do some camera action on a phone? Most high end phone have a decent camera for noobs like me that like to take nice photo's with the phone because i always have the phone with me and the 1 time that i bought a real camera, i never used it because i never had it with me on the moments i needed it. But i would like to know how to get nice sunset pictures etc.

  7. Hi Serge, fantastic videos! Very informative, I am learning a lot! Do you know how to get the colour and style of pictures from Ben Brown on Instagram? Thank you!!

  8. what l mean is that i usually shoot at 1/50 and i just did some shoot at 1/8, so i go 1/50, 1/40, 1/25, 1/20, 1/15, 1/13, 1/10 to 1/8 that is a whole new world for me, not sire the exact fstop equivalent

  9. +Serge do you shoot uncompressed raw? Is it really worthy the size different or better to use it on specifics conditions only? (I.e. When there is a lot of sky involved)

  10. This seems like a dream camera body, it's the lack of lenses that keep me away from the Sony platform. Look what happened with all their other lines they make lots of bodies, a few lenses then move on to something new. they should just licence the Canon/Nikon mount like black magic do and be done with it. I'll be sticking with my D810 for work and my XT1 for play soon to be Xpro 2

  11. It's a nice hitech toy, but it can't live in harsh environments! My friend already changed 2 of them! One after Mongolia trip. one after Amazonia! Those are fancy toys not a rigid professional tool! Keep that in mind! BTW Sony's service really suck! i mean SUCK! both time it was a real hell to get the cameras back to them! Everything else with it very nice, used it a lot also! Oh and if you are interested – both time it was electronics failure… it's just can't stand it!

  12. Without question the a7r ii is the best camera I have owned, having shot exclusively Nikon for the past 8 years. It gives me superlative quality for stills, a robust body, turns every lens I put on it into a stabilized lens, ergonomics which I prefer, not everyone does, best in class EVF, tremendous video capability and all at a price far below the 5DSr.

    I moved to it from the Nikon D800. The only regret I have is not changing sooner.

  13. The Sony A7R 2 is currently has the best stats as far as Photography goes. However, the D810 still wins in Dynamic Range! It will be hard though to see a difference between the D810 and the Sony A7R 2. What makes this camera better than the D810 are the video capabilities.

    Let's see how the D5 will perform versus the A7R2 and the D810, I'm very excited.

    PS: The battery life sucks bbc though on the Sony A7R 2 as great as the camera may be

  14. At 7:21 the battery life is 78% and by the end of the video it was at 29% just from messing with the menu? I'm sure there where a few edits in the video alone the way, but that still a lot imo. Thx, but 'll pass on this camera.

  15. Serge, if you reduce the shutter speed from 1/30 to 1/13 you are gaining 1 fstop (not 5!!!!). In your case that means you are shooting at f4 and have an iso of 640 with the a7rii (1/13 s) instead of iso 1280 with the a7ri (1/30s). No knit picking, just trying to avoid confusion :-)

  16. Thanks for the video.

    That 5 stop gain is very interresting and new to me.

    Was the lense you used stabilized as well?? Or was it just in-body??
    Do you know if you get the same gain at e.g. 200mm??

    In anycase I am looking for a new body/system atm. And the A7RII is in the final selection. But I am having trouble finally deciding on the A7RII for (mainly) two reasons:

    1.) Lenses. Because I do some travel and generally more outdoor stuff then studio. I want a zoom lens and not carry around like 20 primes. But AFAIK they are all f4. And honestly, while that might be workable for landscapes, cityscapes etc. I find it hard to accept for street photography, weddings (or events in general) and portraits. And I actually do that.
    I know that your photography is more the kind that does not depend on a shallow DOF… but do you think the a7rII with the current lens selection can be used e.g. for weddings?? (Without having an assistant carrying a tone of primes and body's)
    My Last one i shot with the trusted 24-70 and 70-200 combo….

    How do you choose your focus points?? Or do you always recompose from the center point??
    What about if you want to use Spot metering or center weight metering (not sure how this is called for Sony)??
    Or are you really letting the camera evaluate the entire scene all the time?? No wonder Exp. Comp. is your favorite button.


  17. Dear Serge , first of all, I like your channel and your LR tutorials in particular.
    Maybe you have been behind the computer for a bit to long because the A7 R2 is already half a year old and about 1000 reviews were done in the last period so ….
    … please turn off the lights and close the door behind you, when you are done.
    Thanks for sharing.

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