SPORE: Will Wright at Comic-Con Part 1

SPORE: One-on-One with Will Wright— Will Wright is best known for creating the SimCity and The Sims video game franchises, the latter of which has sold more than 100 million games to date. In 2007, he was given the Vanguard Award from the Producer’s Guild of America, making him the first person in the videogame industry to receive such an honor. Wright’s next video game, SPORE, is scheduled for release on September 7. Will Wright will be making his first-ever appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, where he will be talking about one of the most anticipated games of 2008 — Spore. He’ll also highlight the MashON SPORE Comic Book Creator, a unique interactive tool which makes it easy to bring your SPORE creature to life in a comic book story.


In case you missed it, here is Will Wright at Comic-Con. I’m not really to happy with the quality but I did the best I could with the technology I had with me. Really wasn’t suppose to do…


13 thoughts on “SPORE: Will Wright at Comic-Con Part 1

  1. Dear EA and Will Wright,

    Thank you for creating a game through difficulties in order for me to download it's torrent for free. It is very enjoyable!

    p.s. I'm not being satirical.

  2. The engine (like the creators) were practically unchanged, only the layout changed. But it's more like 6 or 7 years, they only made concepts and prototypes in 2000, and development of the game as we know it probably started later.

  3. development started in 2000, they first presented it in 2005 (i found out about it back then), and at that time they said it would come out 2006. then they moved the release for two and a half years, and now its finally coming:)

  4. Maby everyone in the world DOESNT speak english natively, and hence have trouble hearing faint unclear words muffled behind an audience. The usa isnt the center of the world, thank you ;)

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