Sprint Music Plus app

Sprint Music Plus is an easy way to discover new music tracks & tones and manage all of your music content in one convenient place. Accessed either on a Sprint phone or sprint.com, Sprint Music Plus is also a full-featured music & tone manager – you can create music & ringback tone playlists, assign ringback tones to play for different callers and times of day and get recommendations based on your musical tastes. Download the free app at http://www.sprint.com/digitallounge


16 thoughts on “Sprint Music Plus app

  1. Why pay for music when you can download it for free online? If you don't know how, why not just pay $10 a month for spotify and have all the music you want, rather than pay per song. 

  2. Sounds cool but all I wanted was the ringback tones and instead, it flat out does NOT WORK, Sprint tried for over an hour trying to get it to work and….it did NOT, Sprint ended up giving up too, at least they were very polite and offered to re-emburce me for this crappy app.

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