STAR TREK BEYOND Top Easter Eggs & Deleted Scenes (Spoilers)

Star Trek Beyond is packed with Easter Eggs and References making it one massive love letter to the original 1966 series. So let’s explore some as well as Deleted Scenes that didn’t make the cut as well as earlier drafts of the film.

As far as Easter Eggs go there’s quite a few nods to the original William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy series. We some some original tech such as phasers and original transports, some very Shatner-esk winks plus nods to specific episodes such as Who Mourns For Adonais.

There’s also hints towards JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot such as specific musical cues and more aliens than any recent Trek film has introduced. Futurama could also possibly be referred to and there’s fitting tributes to the original cast and the passing of both Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin.

Concerning deleted scenes this gets into the Roberto Orci version that was scrapped, a same sex kiss between Sulu and his partner plus extended…


25 thoughts on “STAR TREK BEYOND Top Easter Eggs & Deleted Scenes (Spoilers)

  1. also there is a reference near the end to the bad guy having fought in the man-kizin wars this is from the cartoon series of the 1970s and came from a larry nivin story, that was a spin off from ringworld.

  2. The Hand that replace the USS Franklin appears in the end credits right after the Dyson Sphere. Is this the same Dyson sphere that Scotty gets trapped in the transporter buffer and that he reemerges in Enterprise D in 2369?

  3. I'd have liked to see McCoy actually do surgery on Spock, just because I'm curious as to how that works…and it might have added to the emotional impact (I felt kind of weird about it because it went straight from "oh noes Spock is dying" to "all okay, Spock is fine"). But that might have been kind of expensive, depending on what kind of effects they used.

  4. I'm very fond of Into Darkness. I do wish Cumberbatch were an original character and not Khan but I had to accept that and judging the movie on its merits as a movie it's pretty good. Not a masterpiece and not great but I'd say the best Trek since Star Trek VI. I really do like it.

  5. The escape pods on the bridge are referred to as "Kelvin Pods", a nod to George Kirk's demise on the Kelvin. Also can be seen as George getting his son off of a crashing ship… again.

  6. I find it very interesting nobody has realized that the "Swarm" itself was taken from a Voyager episode, titled, "The Swarm" They are very similar is what they did, if not slightly different in agressiveness.

  7. You forgot a mention of the "Stargazer" when they got to the star base. The "Stargazer" being the first ship that Picard was captain of prior to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  8. everyone misses my favorite Easter Egg: Scotty escaped from the Enterprise in one of Khan's Photon Torpedoes. even Jayla (i think that's how you spell her name) took parts from the torpedo to use for herself. im REALLY hoping i wasn't the only one to spot that one.

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