Story Leather Holster and Back Cover for iPhone 6 Plus: Gorgeous!

Story Leather’s Napa Leather Holster and Pebble Grained Leather Back Case are absolutely wonderful! If you aren’t familiar with Story Leather (, they are a company which specializes in custom phone cases, wallets and purses, but they also sell ready-made products as well. When they offered to send me their Napa Leather Holster and their Pebble Grained Leather Back Case for iPhone 6 Plus to review, I really didn’t know what to expect. But to my delight, their products are absolutely lovely. The leather is excellent quality, the items are beautifully made and the designs are classic.

1. Great quality leather! It smells wonderful and looks fantastic.
2. Excellent fit: the pebbled grain back cover fits perfectly and the holster works nicely with both a naked iPhone 6 Plus and back cover no larger than Apple’s leather cover (or the Story Leather back cover they sent me).

None that I’ve found.

Conclusion: I’m really impressed…


5 thoughts on “Story Leather Holster and Back Cover for iPhone 6 Plus: Gorgeous!

  1. Miguel Carrasco, Jr, thanks for your question.  Story Leather makes custom sized versions of its products, so you should be able to special order a custom holster that would fit a 6 Plus with an Otterbox Commuter on it, but the standard off-the-shelf version that I review here will only work with a very minimal case, such as the Apple Leather case.  Thanks for watching!

  2. Thanks so much for watching my video review of Story Leather's Holster and Back Cover for iPhone 6 Plus.  If you have any questions about these products, please put them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.  Thanks!

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