Syncing Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Android

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to synchronize your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with your android smartphone. Google Calendar Sync works as a third party software on your computer that synchronizes with your outlook calendar and pushes it to your Gmail calendar on your android device.

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30 thoughts on “Syncing Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Android

  1. Best instructional video yet! I just made the switch from a Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S4 and have had a few challenges. My mobile provider and Samsung both failed to provide adequate advise…nowadays, youtube is the place to go, and this video was straight forward, with all the needed information – others assume the viewers is more savvy with technology; I am not, I need a step by step….this was AWESOME

  2. All I wanna do is sync my HTC with my outlook via the existing sync software that I downloaded, I so do not want to sync google calender that totally sucks NEways. all I am looking for is a way to sync it, some instructions somewhere & i can't find it.

  3. I noticed this is due to fact that Google (Android?) sets myself as invited with my gmail adress. Outlook refused this due to "We are not invited".
    Changing manually in the Google appointment guests my gmail address to the my address with my ISP address, make the item appear in outlook.
    Question is: how to automate this?
    It seems many have the same problem, some suggestions?

  4. I have Window 7 and the Operation System is 64-bit I'm I able to work with the sync. I see that it only show that it's not compatible with Window XP 64-bit, but does it means Window 7 too?

  5. This was an excellent instructional video! In fact, it was the first YouTube tutorial that did not have any unexpected snags in it for me. Thank you for sharing this tidbit of techie wisdom!

  6. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I had downloaded a few apps before that DID NOT sync up my outlook with my Android calendar and was looking for a simple solution. I have a busy schedule and needed something dependable. Thank you very much! :)

  7. There are several things that can cause that. My guess would be that there was a delay in the initial synchronization and would have completely updated on the next Google Calendar Sync synchronization. Remember, Google Calendar Sync runs automatically in the background of your computer that is connected to the internet and has your outlook calendar on it. You set this synchronization period when you set up Google Calendar Sync. 

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