Tech News Today 1644: The Party’s Over

Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss how iCloud backups include a user’s call history, with no controls to limit them from being backed up. AirBnB is launching Experiences to allow hosts to become experts of their area, and make some money in the process. The Anti-Defamation League published recommendations for how social networks should address the rising problem of harassment. The Raspberry Pi Zero can be used as a dongle that seizes control over a locked and password-protected computer, with free software called PoisonTap. Mozilla launched a new privacy focused browser app for iOS called Firefox Focus. Technology advances are furthering the likelihood that even more jobs will be automated, putting many workers out of work. Is the Surface Book a worthy option for MacBook Pro users who are thinking about jumping ship? Finally, the mannequin challenge is the new Harlem Shake.

–Matt McFarland from CNN discusses how the proliferation and advancement of technology will hinder…


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