36 thoughts on “Terraria 1.2.4 Ios/Android Top 10 Glitches 2016

  1. Hey, this is a little glitch in the glitch. I tried the bait glitch on a seperate acc so nothing go corrupt and basically the net gets the number of bait (wood) you have next to it and you are unable to usemit to catch stuff. now I used masterbait to duplicate and it turned to snails :p. Also it made shrimps that I caught into bait so yeah . the bait is 30%

  2. The two player glitch works differently than he said when u pause the game saves but your character auto saves very often so when u pause the game saves with the item in the chest and then your friends character saves when he takes the item which dupes it

  3. For clarification on the first glitch, when you go to the pause menu it saves, therefore forcing the system to not save when you exit (it thinks it would be a double save), and therefore any modifications to the world are not saved.

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