Testing Remote Wipe of iPhone

Sold my iPhone on Amazon to get a new one or the 5. Not sure yet… lol


14 thoughts on “Testing Remote Wipe of iPhone

  1. Hi ,  i lost my iphone and used the find my iphone on icloud to erase all data from it . It was offline at the time , I am suspecting that if the user turned off the phone , when he/she powers it back on will it automatically erase? it has a cellular connection to it , and also a passcode. +SonOfMarvin

  2. today i wiped my i phone 4 and i put wrong apple id password.Now the screen is blank and in the middle of the screen its like rotating or loading.Its been 9 hrs.So,plz anyone can u give me a solution.

  3. Thanks for the video.

    I have to send an iPad for repair and obviously wanted to wipe all my data, but since is the screen what needs replacement I cant use the iPad. I didnt know if I wiped the ipad remotely if it will be locked and the people in the repair shop would note be able to work with it. Your video answered my question. Thanks again!

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