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  1. The celebrities, and whoever, including our own family and friends and communities, who call Truth Tellers, crazy…are CRAZY! Easily lead, controlled, answer to their Handlers…and, above all else…Are Spineless!

  2. If you tell the truth, then you're "crazy," in our world! Social Engineering…All By Design! Period!!! Think for your selves! Let's Open Our Eyes! We are ALL in this Together…One! Resist the Divide and Conquer agenda! Yes, some mos def, have had it worse than others, but we are All…Enslaved. Though the degrees may vary, it's designed to bring us all down, in the end…which is not far from now…Can't we see it?! Eyes Wide Shut! Very sad, indeed. :(

  3. dead on man not crazy that was honest from kanye! great interview with mtv 2002 kanye i thought he was a bit of a dick great music tho but watch this passion from this guy mentions god with him a few times this is good man i dont think they could break him! he says hell only wants too do good! its over an hour now but watch i dont think it was released cus hes so passionate about everything

  4. Psy-op for the sleeping sheeple. Kayne is doing exactly what the enemy of God on earth desire's for him to say and do.

    Beware of the one who is the master of all deception and the ruler of this world. (Non human spirit and enemy of God)

    Kayne is a satanist and his foul serpent tongue reveals the root of why he is really setting up the sheeple with his words.
    While the Sleeping sheeple are brainwashed,,gullible and controlled by their emotions.

    Sheeple are being dragged along the abusive emotional tactics that the enemy is using to set up their future war with the soul.

    Seek the Lord with all heart, mind and soul. Pray for enemies , knowing the faith of the Living Savior of the eternal soul.

    The grave knows the Savior of the eternal soul.

  5. kanye is hurt as hell! he knows he has gotten pimped and played!! he know jayz is done with his energy and he is on to the next. Kanye has sacrifice his mother and freedom of speech to get on jayz team. you see, it suppose to be kanye and drake on the throne cd and tour but jay talked himself in the deal. fearing that drake and kanye would be the next young force. drake stop really fucking with jay-z due to seeing jayz will fuck over artist and leaving them high and dry. Kanye wants back in with drake but signed up with jay-z team. Kanye has signed up to make music behind the scenes. it was kanye idea to do a visual video with music album, then jay talked him out of it. then beyonce dropped it on the spot lol. …. he is seeing he got used by a man that befriended him only for his musical creativity. Kanye West is not crazy he is mad as fuck!!! kim and Bey don't do each other!! this is magic, warlocks and witches at there best. that's why drake left and joined the red and know he is coming up regardless what jay says!!!! jay have major power with the blue, but drake will not lick ass. he is smart at playing chess and kanye wants in but he signed up to be a boot licker for the blue. Kanye did what he did because he can't play the side card anymore. he regrets signing over to the blue. Kim keep him having deals with the red side, which is lady Gaga, drake, molly Cyrus Taylor Swift etc. .. jay can't controll that side of music "redside" so kanye is pissed and jayz is his music handler and jay will only let you get so far before he check his ass. smdh… Kanye West is trapped!!! he mad drake really won't fuck with him or trust him due to fucking him over with the jay-z throne deal!!! drake is the HNIC of the red team and drake not forgiving him on that fake shit!!! so he has to play his game what he signed up for smdh… Rihanna is smart she will fuck with drake and of course jay-z to appeal to both sides. she smart as fuck. she can make music with anyone because she's the shit with or without jay-z but she signed up with jay-z so… jayz is her long-term handler but can cross over due to drake wants her as a firts lady, there is no betrayal on any deals and her voice and most of all her sex appeal to the redside. check mate for jayz towards kanye!!! got'em!!

  6. Black people are the mouthpiece of the illuminati. That's why they deported Marcus Garvey when he started the Back to Africa movement. They need black people to be the mouthpiece, and a distraction.

  7. Don't think Kanye is crazy but he has to take responsibility for whats happening to him. It's not about hating on Kim. She and her family are very odd and no stranger to the " illuminati" thing. Either way I wish him well especially for his children's sake.

  8. kanye, knew exactly what, he was doing, he did it right there, because he knew that, it wouldn't be, erased; it would be aired; to the whole world; if he did it anywhere else, it would have been; subverted

  9. ya better stop supporting this fake ass niggas . killuminati ya bying there fucking records cds we all know gay z is a satanic illuminate bastard. and ya support this fake ass nigga all the mother Fuckers rap singers are part of the illuminate soon ya will see a cloned west. R.I.P. WEST.

  10. kim gets robbed for 10 million worth of jewelry that was insured.. kanye "goes crazy" on an insured tour that pays out in the event hes too sick to finish…

    kanye is stockpiling cash… if they dont reprogram him successfully hes gonna bolt

  11. thanks brother I been said that he not crazy he speaks his mind they scared of that and I support trump to by the way we making America great again gee fuck Hillary Clinton she a murderer bro

  12. its not just a black phenomenon remember when randy quaid spoke on the star whackers and fled to Canada he was deemed crazy and also a fugitive he knew the electro shock reprogramming or worse was coming to him

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