The New King of Couch Gaming?

The Roccat Sova MK has been a long time coming… Was it worth the wait?

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48 thoughts on “The New King of Couch Gaming?

  1. The keyboard isn't really custom, it's a 65%. Technically a 75%, but the function row is spaced further above the alphas, so I guess it's a 65% with an added function row.

  2. When making a laptop thingy how is a 10 keyless keyboard not standard? Makers of the lapdog are kind of stupid thinking a full sized keyboard would be a good idea, they barley fit on a desk with enough mousing room let alone your lap.

  3. WHERE IS BED GAMING!?!?!?!?! you know a lot of people like me like to lay down while gaming. a normal keyboard never works. i have to use a small keyboard with a ball mouse built in to be comfortable while laying down. do you have any other cool ideas Linus? i love all these amazing keyboards and mice I see here BUT they wont work for me.

  4. I don't get how Ting is supposedly better. Every major mobile service provider in Norway has opted for unlimited texts and calls, so the only difference now is the amount of data included..

  5. Is there really a market for those products? They look awkward, and I have never met in my someone who uses it, but for some reason companies keep making them.

  6. hmm… how many more kids from Africa can you fit on the couch due to the saved space? I mean I would love to see them starve to death while I deal with first world problems.

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