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Today, Scott is responding to your comments about the real-world origin of C-3PO’s red arm, the problem with clones inside of the comic book world in regards to the legal system, and whether or not we’ll ever do a full video about Hamilton.

You guys leave some AMAZING comments on our videos! Every Monday, Scott replies and responds to them in Tales From The Comments!

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19 thoughts on “The Problem with Clones… || NerdSync

  1. On the subject of clones, who would be interested in a in-depth backstory of the ultimate universes Jessica Drew, the female clone of Peter Parker. Would think that a video discussing her sexuality would be interesting. Besides, if you try search for videos exclusively about her on youtube you'll find that there barely are any. Just a thought.

  2. Hello! I hadn't realized that my comment was brought up in a video until, by curiosity, I searched up my channel name. Yeah, that 'What is identity?' question was really tossed back and forth. I remember that. I've thought about it and agree with you on this. I don't think we'd be the same person, but would we resemble our real selves at all? I'm just thinking aloud here.

  3. With only genetic make-up I believe you do not have the same identity and I say this because personally if I had different memories I would be a very different person, but that's not to say I would have a few similar memories, but I wouldn't have them all and thus would have a different identity.

  4. 02:47 Literally my reaction every time I see those comments.
    If you don't care… did you come here just to say that you don't care? But then you must care enough that you feel the need to click on the video and share that… But then if you don't care, How did you even find this video? Do you actively search out videos on topics you know you don't care about just so you can share with the uncaring internet that you.. also.. don't care? If it was suggested to you then you must have watched something related that you also don't care about?

    clicks dislike

  5. Memory and identity is something I think about a lot, considering I often feel like I'm lacking a personality due to dissociation I struggle with.
    But sometimes I reflect on past incidents and realize that certain mannerisms I have stem from them. So, idk I think identity and personality are one in the same but what makes up personality is past experience unless you're just trying to force an aesthetic as a personality substitute. Often you see adolescents side with counter culture movements because it gives them a feeling of identity when they haven't quite yet had the life experience to make up their own.
    Like, speaking from personal experience one of the mannerisms that stem from a childhood incident is where I was almost hit by a car when I was like 6 or somethin and now I have an almost compulsion to check streets I'm passing (I know, should already be common sense). Or when I was in high school and I hung out with the EDGY metal kids because it was easier to just mimic than to actually look into myself and get some actual insight on myself, and it's not like I regret it because those experiences are part of who I am and what makes up my personality.
    So, I feel like C3P0 has more of a base identity, a basic scrip outlining HOW he's supposed to act. But that doesn't mean his experiences can't be built on to make a more complex and full personality like what we see. But??? Who knows boys I ain't a psychologist.

  6. Thanks for the Jackie Chan Adventure Clip- Awesome- but you didn't reference it. Sometimes Youtubers use a screenshot or clip in a vid, with no reference to back track it. Many a time, I'll see something I want to follow up on, yet cannot. No one reads/comments on the comment to help you out. Why- WHY!!? Don't tell me it's too much work- that's what Interns are for. Just like the real reason there is a Robin- Alfred refuses "Guano Duty" to keep the Batcave clean…

  7. can i say something about the identity thing? cause personally to me identity is not personality+memories as one day if i woke up with no memories am i still myself? to me this is not the case you are different yet the same memories comes with habits (i think) and your beliefs while in a state of amnesia both of this factors can be changed as habits affect everyday action and beliefs is how you center your life, thus altering your patterns of speech and patterns of actions before you liked drinking cold beer in a hot day after amnesia you prefer eating ice cream but does that mean you're different? another question would be does appearance equal to identity? to me it is , faces allow us to identify the other person heck sometimes you can pinpoint who theyre parents are. now lets elaborate the first question if lets say your memories are gone your face was surgeically altered for reasons, are you still the same person? again Yes because….Drumroll…you know people who values you . why is connection important? because theese people treat you as you were raised whether be your family or your bestfriend they treat you with the kindness they did to the one before they don't change they're opinion on you, because you are the same to them whether you are different visually, or emotionally.To me the reason why we are like what we are is because we were molded by how our parents treated us, how we met people,how people treated you,how people value you..this is why people believe in different things if you were raised religously than you would be religious until someone changes you. and that's my answer.(No research was done while writing this if there are any scientific/grammatical mistakes please be open and not harshly criticize but criticize constructively.)

  8. I think OnePunch Man has set up a really good system for Superheros, Heros are dispatched to deal with problems based on their rank, The agency that sends them out has extensive files on the heros, and the agency polices itself as well like if one hero goes evil they are taken into custody by another hero. One flaw about the system though is that a hero's popularity effects their rank so potentially a hero like Saitama that isn't very popular has to do jobs under his rank just because he isn't very popular there's also that dumb written test they have to take on laws and stuff which is stupid why would an S-rank hero need to know anything about laws when problems for their rank are things like take down a monster that's destroying the city it's like is their any reason why if you have the skills to stop something like that what kind of written test would you have to fail to not be able to do it? I understand why C-ranks do they are basically glorified volunteer security guards but A and S rank don't deal with crimes where you would have to know why somethingis against the law just things that are objectively bad like things destroying the city.

  9. I do not think that comparing C3PO's Operating System to genetics is appropriate. Genetics are that strong a factor into the development of the personal mind. Genetics would be more appropriate to describe his hardware design. C3PO's O.S. is more akin to a base core memory. His regular memories may get wiped, but this core memory always stays intact telling him who he is and what his function is for

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