The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction And 3 Uncommon Cures

“Erectile Dysfunction & 3 Uncommon Cures!”
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Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing and common affliction suffered by millions of guys.

The steps to curing ED are to understand it, understand what causes it, and take the steps to cure it.

Some of the biological causes for ED are getting older, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of energy, injury. [1:20]

Some of the psychological reasons of ED are performance anxiety, stress, guilt, lack of libido. [1:47]

Here are the steps that you can take today to start curing ED immediately and permanently.

1. Stop watching porn immediately. It desensitizes you to the physical pleasures of real sex. [2:09]

2. Change your lifestyle. Stop eating junk food, drinking, smoking. Get happy, healthy, and hung. [2:44]

3. Use natural supplements to boost testosterone. Maca root, ginkgo biloba, and spartagen XT. [3:21]

When you stop watching porn, live a…


31 thoughts on “The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction And 3 Uncommon Cures

  1. Thanks Tripp. I am 50 and never married. I have been addicted to porn heavily for decades. Have been trying to quit porn with no luck.  I don't have much confidents when asking someone out, especially having ED concerns. Will use your video to help me. I appreciate it. Guess I'm a sicko.

  2. Your advice for men to give up porn is like telling men to refrain from wanting to masturbate. ABSURD!! Oh here is another: We can stop unwanted teen pregnancies by telling teens to abstain from having sex. It WILL work, but who is going to do it???? DUH!!!

  3. Like every other health condition I have seen discussed on youtube, everybody got some cure or some gimmick they think will work, but there is no unity or agreement. Men have advice and there are females giving their advice (which to me is ludicrous).Foods you should eat, drugs or herbs you should take. No wonder people don't know what to do for help. Any thing you go to use somebody out there bad mouth it. "Natural Remedies" yeah right. So if they work why isn't everybody using them instead of Viagra??? In the meantime millions still suffer.

  4. This dude may be right. I've noticed that whenever I indulge myself to excessive porn on a daily, even twice a day basis, cause I need immediate gratification, I find it hard to function and associate in real-life sexual encounter after I finally get intimate with someone. Whenever I make the conscious choice to abstain from masturbation, my libido comes back stronger than ever. As a porn-star once said… "Sex is all about expressing emotions!" and those emotions get diluted with over self-indulgence.

  5. Thanks buddy. I agree porn screws things up for us guys. Since we are visual creatures it can become a trap quickly. I am guilty of it. I am gonna give this step an honest try because when I see girls at the gym or out I don't get that excitement anymore. Plus masturbation has been just as much an addiction as my smoking used to be to the point where I overdid it on occasion and couldn't even get myself excited. I am a healthy 42 yr old man who's in between relationships so I think I have time to put this into practice. I feel good about the outcome. Thanks again… Jeff B.

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