The Truth Is BAD News To Many But Lies is GOOD news

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The truth is all the bad news that your flesh does want to hear. Lies are all the good news that you flesh wants to hear. Your flesh wants to hear that you can keep following it and still go to heaven. Your flesh wants to hear that you can take the easy, broad road, to the gates of heaven, yet it is written, that NARROW is the way to life, and FEW are they who find it. The truth is: if you want to enter heaven, then you have to make heaven your goal instead of this world and your sin and what the flesh wants. If you want to enter the kingdom of God, then that must be your first focus. If you follow the dictates of what your flesh wants you to do — its sinful desires — you will not enter God’s kingdom. Because outside the gates of the Holy City, are all the abominable, and those who live in and practice lies and immorality. Dear friend, the truth is, if you want to enter heaven, you have to take Jesus seriously and deny yourself…


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