They Call Me Nice Dude [Official Audio]

Song 2 of 12 on Golden Day

yo, they call me nice dude
but i don’t want my nudes
to leak, on the iCloud
or i might have to get Josh Froud
my dick so big it barely fits in one

wait what the fuck?

who are you, yo?
stop telling lies
you’re all about those fucking porky pies
i’m on a whole notha’ level
shining shoes for a shillings
making skrilla i’m making a killing

swearing down, not my down syndrome
that’s pretty indiscreet
no one wants a peek
cause no one wants to see
what i’ve got in my basement…

let me listen yo,
need to hear a hoe
straight out of zee
you be seeing me, you got fucked
by miamoto
making mario suck your chode, oh
thats nasty
gonna run away, fastly
keemstar tattoos
let’s right into the news

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