Top 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Game! (And a HUGE Giveaway)


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46 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Game! (And a HUGE Giveaway)

  1. Man I really like you channel. You do a awesome job help other men to look guy and feel good about themselfs. I was wandering if you can make blog of WHAT'S THE BEST cologne out there for men that get girls crazy lol.

  2. Jose, pls make a video for your viewers from tropical hot countries where it isn't usually possible to wear suits, jackets etc during the day. Also, T-shirts are mostly comfortable but pls suggest something nice and the kind that one needs to wear suitable for the hot and humid weather. Would appreciate it much. Thanks!

  3. hey, I love your videos and your advice has been priceless. I want some advice though, I'm tall and lean so I can never find good fitting suits or blazers in store, any affordable online tailoring site you recommend? thanks

  4. Hey, I just thought that since you're making all this videos about back to school shopping, maybe you could incorporate some dorm essentials, I've researched some but most of them are nowhere near my style. Just thought you would do a much better job!

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