Top 5 Galaxy Note 7 (T-Mobile) Issues: Lag, Gorilla Glass 5, Battery Life+More

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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Galaxy Note 7 (T-Mobile) Issues: Lag, Gorilla Glass 5, Battery Life+More

  1. I got the same life at first. If you run the battery all the way down to zero, then charge the phone, the battery life will double. If you enable the developer option, you can disable the animations, everything gets much faster.

  2. Mine is Exynos version, and I can play Pokemon Go (quite a battery draining app) for 4-5 hrs straight. How did you get 50% after 1 hr 19mins? Is Exynos so much better than SD?

  3. I literally just got home with my new note 7 and already want to return the phone. Not because of this review but I'm only here because I search "note 7 sucks" because that is my feeling after using the phone for an hour. It's going back to Verizon for sure. I really do not see what all the hype is about with these phones. It feels like a downgrade from my V10.

    Also, it's already the second note 7 I've owned and I never even turned the first one on because the people at Verizon scratched it up. I didn't see how they did it but I bought screen protectors and they were in the back of the store out of my site for 20+ minutes trying to get a protector on and ended up using all 3 trying to get one on (I bought a 3 pack and they used them all only for me to take it off 2 minutes later in my car because they didn't do a good job). After leaving the store I'm checking the phone out and notice a giant scratch on the back and then a bunch of scuffs around the edges so I went back in and got an exchange. This phone is terrible and the screen isn't that nice either. Whats all the hype about with this phone??? I think people are lying to themselves claiming this is a nice device. but teho.

  4. The very reason i had to jump the Samsung ship was LAG on my S4 and Note 3 and we know for a while now that its not the hardware at all just the crap software optimizations that Samsung consistently delivers for me it completely ruins a phones experience/pleasure let alone the other crap exploding battery, ridiculously fragile forget about the scratches ive seen loads of threads where peoples S7 Edge had a fall less than 6 inches high and its completely been destroyed.

  5. i have a note 7 and my battery could last me like 2 days with regular use! ive never had any lag on this beast machine! the octacore processor is crazy! 4 gigabytes of ram! and 518 pixels per inch thisphone is a technological masterpiece i recommend this phone to every person from the bottom of my heart

  6. I use nova launcher and filled the screen with more than standard icons, have 5 screens running various things from weather to emails, it slides without lag and works fast really.

  7. I need help! Do anyone have problem with Samsung Note 7 with the fingerprint sensor? I just ported over from iphone and right now i cannot use the fingerprint sensor. when i scan my fingerprint, it will just failed without any error message.

    I have tried few suggestion i found on the internet. I tried deleting the fingerprint in settings and try re-adding them. That did not work out. I even follow some suggestion to add the same finger as fingerprint2 and still the same.

    FYI, i had this exchanged once from samsung and this 2nd phone still having the same issue as the first phone. Not including the battery issue. :(

  8. I just received a text message from Sprint today warnkng me that my Note 7 is subject to spontaneous combustion. The text led me to their website that instructs me to bring my Note 7 into the Sprint store to swap it out for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. You mentioned your Note 7 was getting warm, mine does too when I use it under normal conditions for more than 20 minutes straight.

  9. My Note 7 has been having issues with restarts, slow startup time (my Note 3's faster) and battery heating up whenever i charge it. Anyways, Samsung just announced a global recall because of exploding batteries and my country's Telcos has stopped sales. Gonna have to go down their service centre for an exchange. Can't believe that they released to the market with this kind of cheap quality while we consumers paid more than SGD$1000 for this phone. My trust in Samsung is tarnished. Hopefully they''ll win me back someday.

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