Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text Messages from Android to iPhone

Just got a new iPhone? Learn how to transfer all your contacts, photos, text messages, videos and more from your Android smartphone to your iPhone.

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34 thoughts on “Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text Messages from Android to iPhone

  1. awesome. spent hours looking at other sources, some requiring money for the software, and those with many negative reviews/comments suggesting lack of success. If only i'd gone directly here, which i only (per chance) arrived at after a tutorial involving one of the costly and less successful methods, I would have saved myself 150 mins in one of my rare parcels of personal spare time. I rarely comment or review – so, good job man, thumbs up.

  2. i tried for 5 hours last night to figure out how to transfer my contacts, etc to my iphone from galaxys3 . today i tried your way, nothing could have been simpler thank you so so much! now i wont have a nervous breakdown!

  3. my files ie: picture and contacts are save on my sd card storage, do I need to put them back on device storage? for this transfer work, or it will work even they are save on my sd card? thank you.

  4. hi i have lost my android mobile few days back and bought new Iphone, so please help me to get my data tranfer to iphone with only gmail account

  5. What about videos? Will it transfer those as well with my android I downloaded lots of vids and I have them on my phone now, so will those transfer as well. And my second question can you do download vids straight from the browser on the iPhone?

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