Trump: Could It Really Happen? | Special Report

America is about to pick its next president. For many voters its a choice between the unpalletable and the inconceivable. Few believed Trump would get this far but the polls are tightening. The billionaire salesman is closing the gap with Hillary Clinton. Could he become the next commander in chief?

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22 thoughts on “Trump: Could It Really Happen? | Special Report

  1. Media really exposed themselves this election. Their bias and dishonesty was clear for almost everyone to see. And Trump still won it.
    2 birds with 1 stone.

  2. The best thing about the whole campaign, Donald Trump looking Hillary Clinton in the eye, on national TV, and calling her a LIAR. She could not say a thing in the world against it for she knew it was true and the Democratic Party didn't care if she was a liar. No mind that she was responsible for the safety of our ambassadors and failed to do her job.

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