Tutorial – How To Convert Song(s) to 320 kbps [Using iTunes]

Ever wanted to make your 192 kbps songs to 320 with dual speaker support?

Now you can with this amazing tutorial on how to do it. This “Tut” originally had voice but I took it off with technical issues. Please stay patient and I hope you enjoy using this method!


Looking for Windows Media Player tutorial?

Click Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1264WnXuJzQ&feature=plcp


45 thoughts on “Tutorial – How To Convert Song(s) to 320 kbps [Using iTunes]

  1. There's no point to this. It is not possible to get an mp3 from 128 (or any other rate) to 320. One can only down-sample. Laughable that people believe this crap.

  2. thanks so much for this video , I want to ask an opinion that we say is out of context from the battery of the iPhone …. I wanted to ask this opinion , when discharging the music on itunes from youtube and then convert it to 320kbps then when I sync on there iphone an option that says if you want to activate the function of increasing the quality of the songs that will be on iphone with synchronization at 256kbps but what I wonder is if active but that function will decrease the quality of the songs ? given that the songs on the Mac are in 320kbps , while if I disable the function of the songs on the iPhone will be 320kbps ? …. so if you could give me an answer I shall be eternally grateful as it is for some weeks that I try to ask everyone but no one can give an answer … PLEASE GIVE ME ANSWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!! !

  3. This is a STUPID STUPID STUPID idea!!! You will make the song sound WORSE! Mp3's are lossy meaning that data is permanently lost. This means not only will you not get the data back by converting into a higher bitrate (and higher filesize), you will lose more!! 

  4. If you have a good ear you will notice the difference. I'd argue you do notice it even if not consciously – I've changed my mind about tracks after hearing them at 320. Also, question: does anybody know if this works with a track that's already been imported at some lower bit rate? I'm wondering if it's possible to enhance recordings that have already been imported by converting them to a new format with a higher kbps.

  5. All MP3s should have a left & right channel if not it wasn't recorded properly. If anything you are destroying the pan of different layers in the song.

    Download SPEK Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer & you will see that there is no quality improvement when you convert a low bitrate mp3 to high bitrate one, it is impossible like restoring the eaten half of a half eaten meal.

  6. Lol so many people wasting space on their harddrives… Even if it did convert to 320, I bet they wouldn't notice the difference. (Especially if it's band music and not electronic music)

  7. Im just tried and it works, the beat, the bass and the quality is better now. I never download any songs below 192 kbps and I just converted all of my songs to 320 kbps. 3 hrs past, 1 more hr left and after that perfect clear sound will be coming out through my headphones. it does take a lot of space but I AINT WORRIED BOUT NOTHIN!!

  8. It will just use more storage space. What he is having you do is kind of like taking a really tiny, pixelated picture and making it really big. It will be bigger but it is still gonna be pixelated. Its not like you can take a tiny photo and turn it into a high resolution HD photo just by increasing the size.

  9. Yes it's possible. Use WAV/AIFF/Apple lossless (which lays around 1000 kbps – 1500 kbps). But as i said for some months ago, if the quality are for example 256 kbps, there is NO reason to encode it to WAV/AIFF/Apple lossless, since you can't get the quality to be better and you'll only take up more space on the computer. So the basics goes like this: 320 kbps -> 256 kbps = Works. 256 -> 320 kbps = Doesn't work. These was just examples but i think you get my point.

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