Upgrade my HP DV6 (SSD,RAM,Caddy DVD)

In this video i’ll show you how i upgrade my dv6 laptop (6100 series). I’ll replace the original HDD with a new one (SSD); i replace the original RAMs (2x 4GB – PC10600 SO-DIMM 204 pin) with new ones (2x 8GB – PC10600 SO-DIMM 204 pin) and i replace the optical drive for DVD with a caddy for a new hard disk (CADDY thickness 12.7 mm – serial SATA interface).

PART ONE: Replacing Hard disk (1:01)

PART TWO: Replacing RAM (4:31)

PART THREE: Replacing optical drive with caddy (5:45)
– Remove original bezel (6:43 – 8:45)

The music is taken from the amazing album “It’s album time” of Todd Terje. You can buy it here:

The SSD page:
where to buy the new one:

The RAMs are…


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