15 thoughts on “What To Do When People Steal & Repost Your Youtube Videos

  1. Hi great video and awesome.  How do I use the site stripes in amazon to share in my fb post.  Do u have any video on that.  Thank you.  I had already subscribe in your list.

  2. I recently have someone that re-uploaded almost 50 of my videos. The entire channel is exclusively my stolen content and the only reason I am not doing what you showed in this video is because all of the personal information that you have to fill out in the form goes to the offender. I don't want someone that stole 50 of my videos to know my name, address, phone number, and email address. Is there a better way?

  3. it sux. I've had friends that are Entrepreneurs and lose their channels for no reason. At least that's what they claimed. And yet you have people like this guy stealing content that their measly brains didn't create. smh. I'm sorry buddy but that just ain't right… imo.

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