What’s On My iPhone 7 PLUS + Testing the Features!

Here I am testing out the new iPhone 7 PLUS features, along with showing the apps I have/use!

So I originally wasn’t going to get this phone, but then my old phone started acting up and I had an upgrade so VOA LA!
Let me know your thoughts on the new iPhones below!

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20 thoughts on “What’s On My iPhone 7 PLUS + Testing the Features!

  1. hey, I've got the iPhone 6 too and I'm gonna get a new one in the next weeks and im not sure if im gonna take the 7 or 7plus (i like the plus more cuz of the camera and battery, but im not sure if i like the size) .. so what do you think, was it a good decision to buy the plus or do you regret it..
    looking forward to your answer :)

  2. I'm so happy someone made this video. I currently have the 6+, and I ordered my 7+ the other day. I was hoping someone would make a video comparing the regular 6/6+ than the 6S series.

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