Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Apple Watch (SPiWatch): Russell Brand The Trews (E273)

Reaction to the new Apple Watch launch and why we shouldn’t be buying it.
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Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy.
Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits
Thanks to Jimi Mackay: @jimimackay
and Urban Nerds: www.urbannerdscollective.com for our creative services

English transcription and editing – Ashella Hadammand
Russian translation – Zara Malikova


24 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Apple Watch (SPiWatch): Russell Brand The Trews (E273)

  1. I know someone with an iwatch and boy she can't even tell the time let alone use every selling point attached to it. In fact how can she bloody afford one she ain't got a job or a hutch for her guinea pigs. Ha ha zel

  2. Are we honestly pretending now that people are the not watching every things they everything they do once. They join the moment that they stops them fights the dakota pipeline?

  3. Russel… besides the point that privacy is a right, we should be allowed to have dirty little secrets because there are certain laws that make no sense. In order to change them and the public opinion with it, we should be able to engage in these dirty little secrets.
    For example, homosexuality was a crime in the uk before 1979.. Morals evolve, and by restricting or privacy they restrict the ability for reform and form a fairer equal society.

  4. Side from this guy's paranoid delusions (A.K.A No proof of what he's saying other than parroting what other paranoid conspiracy theorists claim) The Apple watch is completely pointless to own. Not because it's a spy device, but because it simply does nothing that other devices don't already do. It's restrictive, slow, and utterly useless. Not to mention the supposed main feature (the watch) is pointless, but you still have to charge the damn thing at the end of the day.

  5. If you don't want people to buy the Apple Watch, why show it? You're giving it advertisement. Its OK to use Apple laptops though init Russell. He is using a MacBook for people who didn't know.

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