WWDC 2013 Recap | Front Page Tech

Intro was very personal
Stats from the past year
Mac growth was up 100% as opposed to PC which was only up 18%
Apple paid developers 10 Million in the past year. 3x more than any other platform.
OS X Mavericks will be available this fall.
Finder Tabs
File tags.
Improved multi-display support.
Tweaks in power saving with “App Nap”, speed
Now scrolling happens at 60fps
Shared links in Safari with social links within browser
Safari kicked ass in javascript benchmarks.
iCloud Keychain password sync
Action Notifications
iOS notifications can now be pushed to Mac alos.
Maps from within OS X Directions will then sync to iOS device.
iBooks on Mac
New MacBook Air
Intel Haswell Processor for power saving
Battery on 11″ goes from 4 hours to 9; Battery on 13″ goes from 7 hours to 12.
Wireless now supports 802.11ac 3 stream
Airport Extreme that can broadcast 802.11ac
New Mac PRO!!!!
Specs are 2x as fast as previous model.
All expansions must be external via Thunderbolt 2.0
Motion Sensor…


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