Xbox One S vs $500 PC

Has the gap between PC and console graphics closed with the recent release of the Xbox One S?

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36 thoughts on “Xbox One S vs $500 PC

  1. Xbox One S GPU is a overclocked version of the original Xbox One GPU. The performance, by no means is similar to a GTX 1070, in Nvidia department,it's actually comparable to 650Ti overclocked

  2. theres one thing that PC gamers always seem to forget, consoles are more family friendly, you can play splitscreen, or play up to 4 people on one game, on ONE console with 4 controllers.

  3. I have both xbox one and ps4 and ps4 is way better, First of all rechargeable controllers come on xbox really playstations been doing it for like 10 years, and if you like playing online you can not use a wireless headset through usb you have to connect it through the controllers 3.5 head phone jack for xbox one 🙁 and the playstation has expandable internal storage but the xbox does have expandable external storage so that is a plus, also in my opinion the ps4 has way better exclusives than xbox and better games on psplus than live gold but in all honesty the software is so so so so so much more intuitive on the ps4 than the xbox but pc masterrace wins everytime but if you want 4k gaming no hassle get the ps4 pro but if you really want the best build a pc

  4. Is this guy serious? Majority of Xbox games run at 900p and he is talking about 1080p to 4K upscaling, when in fact not many Xbox games run at 1080p in first place. Also since he's comparing it to 500$ PC then what's the point? Compare 4.2 Tflop PS4 Pro with downlocked RX 470 inside with 500$ pc next week. Xbox has 1.4 Tflop GPU and has been struggling with 1080p since it came out in 2013. Note that Xbox One Slim is only 7% faster than original Xbox One (1.32 vs 1.4 Tflops and 12 compute units)

    Ok just noticed at 3:30 He's a fucking Microsoft fanboy lmao. Both PS4 and PS4 Pro support HDR but he's saying only Xbox One S does lmao.

  5. everyone knows console only has one game that you can freely mod that being the new release of skyrim but we pc gamers get to have a shit tone of mods in most games, so really pc wins because it never gets boring you can always change your game play completely now someone try telling me you can play minecraft on a console without getting bored of it with in one week of playing it non-stop. that fact just changes everything when it comes to completing a game repeatedly but never being the same play through

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