Xcode Tutorial: How to move between View Controllers in your app (Basic iPhone SDK Development)

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A quick Xcode tutorial showing you how to use a button to move between view controllers. This video uses .xib files and shows you how to move programmatically. This video is part of our basic iPhone SDK Development playlist.

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19 thoughts on “Xcode Tutorial: How to move between View Controllers in your app (Basic iPhone SDK Development)

  1. Hi Charlie,
    Since I started from a few days to use Xcode program, I'm not very able.

    I'm creating an app for a company and I have five pages.
    I connected the fourth to the fifth.
    How can I show in the Label (in the fifth page) the number of the Segmented Control (in the fourth page) that was selected by the User?

  2. Hi! I searched for soundpix app on my ipad mini 1, but it doesn't show. I couldn't install this app on my device. I have iOS 8.4 installed and I have access on App Store Romania. Is this normal ? Thanks!

  3. Hello, On button click it is navigating but on second view controller I already have UITableView and few images in it which is not getting displayed, Iam getting blank view with only my background pic… Thanks

  4. Hi, do you mean moving back to your original view controller, to do that you would just use the same code but replace the SecondViewController with the first and place the button and the code in the SecondViewController, hope that helps

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