ZTE ZMAX Pro Review |HD| $99 Budget Phone – How good is it ?

Pokemon Go on Zmax pro: https://youtu.be/429YWgpvNOM
Metro pcs ZTE Zmax Pro Full Detailed Review |HD| $99 – How good is it ? Budget phone
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35 thoughts on “ZTE ZMAX Pro Review |HD| $99 Budget Phone – How good is it ?

  1. I have a few questions… So I've been a metro pcs client for about 4 months now, am I valid for an upgrade? If not, can I still buy the phone for 99$? How much would the phone be, like the exact price if you were to go upfront and buy with cash right away. and finally, how much would the phone cost me if I am available for an upgrade? Thank you if you can answer these questions!

  2. ok….i tried to find answers….to my question in the comments…..the questiins were asked…..only one was answered……so here it is again……can this phone be unlocked…..? please answer….if even you know….thx…peace…..nice review…….!

  3. It seemed to be a great phone! I brought it back though because I just couldn't get used to the funny looking Emojis. I'm big on Emojis, so that was a deal breaker for me. But I'm sure that won't bother most people.

  4. So how does the rebate work to get this for 99 dollars?, when I go in do I have to pay the full price of the phone cash up front along with the cash for my plan, and I later do a mail in rebate or something?.

  5. can you show us how to open the Sim card slot cause I have have a new memory card and I have the eject tool and when I try to open it it won't open and when the man did it when I first bought this phone did it it looked so simple.

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